Whippa Wollemi Expedition Hood
Whippa Wollemi Expedition Hood

Whippa Wollemi Expedition Hood

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Need a little more capacity for the Whippa Wollemi 90? Then the Wollemi Expedition Hood is the answer. Weighing only 115grams, this integrated hood adds approx 10L of additional carrying capacity and looks as though it was always part of the pack.  The Expedition Hood can be quickly attached or removed. Simply disconnect the side straps that connect to the the roll top, clip the two rolltop ends onto themselves and then use the side straps to attach directly to the Expedition hood at the front. The back of the hood has two toggles that connect using the small accessory loops on the back of the pack.  As per the Wollemi pack all the seams are taped sealed to provide a fully weatherproof hood. The back of the hood has a water repellant zipper that provides easy access. The Expedition Hood is designed so you can place either helmet between the hood and the pack or sling a rope through if required.


Capacity: 10L

Weight: 115g


Quickly remove and attach.

Seam sealed

Access via water repellant zipper.


Body: 2.92 Oz DCF or Ultra 200X 

Colour Flash: Ultragrid

Base: DCF 0.67oz

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