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Summit Gear Modular Harness Config 1 Harness + Waistbag + Accessory+Fuel Summit Gear Phone Holder Cordura Summit Gear Modular Harness Cordura Summit Gear Modular Harness Chainsaw Attachment Cordura Summit Gear Modular Harness Config 2 Harness + Waistbag + Hydration Sleeve

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Summit Gear Modular Harness

Build it up or strip it down, this is the ultimate modular fire pack system, made in Australia, designed by Australian fire fighters

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Mountains Made


All Summit Gear Products are made locally in the Blue Mountains . We are passionate people that love to make awesome packs using the highest quality products and energy harnessed from the sun. 

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SAXX Underwear

There’s no such thing as “balls of steel.” But there is such a thing as the BallPark Pouch™. Super-soft and supportive, each pair comes equipped with this patented 3D pouch.


La Sportiva

We have the greatest collections of La Sportiva in the southern hemisphere. Whether you are running the UTA 100 or climbing Mt Piddington we have the gear and apparel you need

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The North Face

The latest seasons jackets, pants, hats, hoodies, shirts plus the North Face's legendary duffel bags. Browse around and get your North Face fix here.  

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