Summit Gear Winch 3 Bag

Summit Gear Winch 3 Bag

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The Summit Gear Winch 3 bag has been designed in conjunction with remote area fire crews as a winching bag suitable for rake hoe kits. The "continuous" winching handle is full strength (not sewn into a seam) and therefore will never fail, regardless of the load in the bag. Given the heavy loads carried in this bag, we have intentionally excluded centre handles to stop one person carrying the bag and potentially injuring themselves. The Winch 3 must be carried by two people. This bag features no redundancies, and will continue to be a solid workhorse for years to come.


  • Suitable for rake hoes without removable heads
  • Full strength winching / haul loop
  • Clean design for efficient helicopter use
  • Double thickness ends for durability
  • Compression system to stablise load
  • Triple stiched seams for long life
  • "Roll up strap" for clean winching of an empty bag back to the helicopter. Watch clip below for more details.


  • 130cm L x 30cm W x 30cm H


  • 1.5kg

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