Summit Gear Splat Mat (With Zip Pouch)

Summit Gear Splat Mat (With Zip Pouch)

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The Summit Gear Factory is currently inundated with orders from the emergency services so our order lead time is around 8-10 weeks. Thank you for your patience.



The Summit Gear Splat Mat is designed to assist helicopter crews during "mopping up" operations following bushfires.


  • High visibility directional arrow - easy to spot from the air.
  • Heavy duty, easy to clean and  non water absorbent fabrics.
  • Large corner loops to peg to the ground.
  • Rolls into its own storage pouch.
  • Storage pouch can be hung from either end for ease of storage in vehicle or shed.

Dimensions: 60cm x 90cm

While Summit Gear products are shown as being in stock, we often have to make them to order. Please call (02 4782 3018) to confirm the timeframe to produce and ship your order.