Summit Gear Retrieval Pack

Summit Gear Retrieval Pack

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The Summit Gear Retrieval Pack (without Gusset Pockets) is our premier medical pack for aeromedical work. The system has been designed in conjunction with leading medical staff from Careflight, and thus we feel that it is designed to 'industry best' standards.

Key features include:

  • Large capacity suitable for carrying a full range of medical equipment for remote area, large scale, and international medical retrieval.
  • Full harness for carrying into remote locations. Harness can be tucked away / hidden into back panel when not in use. This feature is very useful when working in confined spaces or around moving objects.
  • The front panel has two large external pockets, with a sleeve behind these pockets to store neck braces in a flat and secure location. Internally, the front panel has two large clear pockets that are purpose built to store DRUG BOX and CANNULATION WAISTBAG.
  • Main compartment holds three clear fronted FIRST AID LOAVES, suitable for holding large quantities of trauma materials. The First Aid Loaves are held securely into the main compartment through hook and loop ('velcro') attachments.
  • Internal gusset sleeve along sides and top of bag provides storage for long flat objects.
  • Pack is designed for winching / hauling through red haul loops on pack.
  • Comfortable side carry handles.
  • 50mm wide 3M reflective strip around gusset. 3M reflective reflects only in direction of light source (it does not diffuse). Thus it provides a much more accurate and clear reflective.

The Summit Gear Retrieval Pack can be supplied complete with the following products, or the main pack can be purchased on its own:

  • Cannulation Waistbag (Red)
  • Drug Box (yellow)
  • Ventilation pouch (blue)
  • 3 x Clear fronted First Aid Loaves (blue, yellow and green)


  • Main body: height = 62cm, width = 35cm, depth = 25cm
  • Front pocket (upper) : height = 20cm, width = 35cm, depth = 10cm
  • Front pocket (lower) : height = 25cm, width = 35cm, depth = 10cm

While Summit Gear products are shown as being in stock, we often have to make them to order. Please call (02 4782 3018) to confirm the timeframe to produce and ship your order.

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