Summit Gear Chainsaw Kit

Summit Gear Chainsaw Kit

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The Summit Gear Factory has recently had 2 of our small team of machinists retire/move interstate. We are also currently inundated with orders from the emergency services. Lead times are currently hard to estimate but are looking to be in excess of 12-14 weeks. Thank you for your patience.


Aus Made

The Summit Gear Chainsaw Kit keeps the tools and accessories close at hand during chainsaw operations. No more fumbling for a wedge or wondering if you packed a spare chain!


  • Wedge pouch fits both common size wedges in the one pouch.
  • All pouches easily attach to belts.
  • Sleeves on the sides of the wedge pouch to carry files.
  • Small pouch for files and accessories.
  • Large pouch for spare chains and accessories.

While Summit Gear products are shown as being in stock, we often have to make them to order. Please call (02 4782 3018) to confirm the timeframe to produce and ship your order.

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