Mont Batwing Tarp Pole 112cm x 140grams

Mont Batwing Tarp Pole 112cm x 140grams

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Lightweight, strong and compact poles to pitch tarp tents and lightweight shelters.

Perfectly suited to the Mont Batwing Thru-Hiker Tarps and Batcave Mesh Tents, the Batwing pole allows you to pitch an ultralight shelter quickly and easily. Protect your campsite from harsh sunlight, provide extra coverage from rain or set up a quick shelter for lunch in the wild.

Available in two lengths, a seven-piece pole and a four-piece pole both using 320mm long pole pieces. This 320mm length was specifically chosen for it's compact nature and high strength to low weight ratio.

The Mont Batwing Tarp Poles are made by DAC Poles in South Korea. DAC is the tent pole market leader because of their advanced manufacturing, innovative designs and excellent environmental credentials.