La Sportiva Python Orange
La Sportiva Python Orange
La Sportiva Python Orange
La Sportiva Python Orange

La Sportiva Python Orange

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A new design for Python, the climbing shoe designed for the world of competitions and for indoor use on artificial walls where maximum sensitivity is required.
The shoe is particularly suitable for heel hooks and reverse holds.
Python is a snug fitting shoe that uses an innovative closing solution thanks to a hook & loop closure that blocks the foot in place during heel hooks and prevents the shoe from slipping off during heel hooks and during the most extreme use.
The construction of the heel is also innovative: it uses a very grippy, snug fitting rubber that will not come unstuck with the advantages of a shell construction but with the sensitivity at the heel of a traditional construction.
The ultra-grippy rubber is present also on the front thanks to an insert designed for toe hooks. The sole is a Vibram Xs Grip 2 compound for maximum grip. Python, the reference point for competitions.
La Sportiva
La Sportiva
Slip last, suede leather


LaSpoFlex 0,8 mm only on the front

Vibram XSGrip2 3,5mm

440g per pair

33-45 half sizes included
+ Sensitive and snug fitting climbing shoe with hook&loop closureclosure band that firmly holds the shoe in place during heel hooks.
+ Ultra sticky, durable, rubber heel.
+ Maximum ease of fit.
+ Front rubber inserts in tight-fitting rubber for toe hooks.