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One headset for a wide range of activities: Climbing, Cycling, Sport whitewater

Horse There is light, strong and more aesthetically pleasing.

This helmet meets 4 standards:
- EN 12492 and UIAA 106 for wall climbing and
ice - EN 1078 for cycling / mountain biking and skateboarding
- EN 1385 for water sports such as canoeing, rafting and hydro-speed
- 1384 for riding

PERFIX® warranty adjustment system a perfect fit on your head.
Put on the headset, press the button on the rear wheel to enlarge or shrink (51-62cm), up or down button to improve comfort, adjust the side straps by sliding the loop
. note: the chin strap must always be closed

the fabric is treated inside for better hygiene and prevents the formation of. moisissu res.
Easy to clean.
The outer shell made from polycarbonate, is molded with the inner shell polystyrene.

The breakdowns promote circulation of air into the helmet .
It can be equipped with a sun visor and allows you to attach a headlamp.

Recommended for:
Climbing, Snow and ice caving, canyoning, mountaineering


  • Weight 255 grams

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