Kong Gi-Gi Belay Plate - Black

Kong Gi-Gi Belay Plate - Black

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Kong Gi-Gi Belay Plate Anodised - Black

The Kong Gi-Gi is a true champion for the climbing and canyoning world.

It is an aluminium friction plate which, thanks to its clever design has a whole host of different purposes for single, double and twin rope setups. People mostly use the Kong Gi-Gi as a self-locking belay for either one or two seconds as well as for abseiling. The centre I-beam acts as a fulcrum on the carabiner and allows for the recovery of two people - even if they are attached to ropes of different diameters. The two people can be retrieved either at the same time or separately.

In the situation that one of these people should fall, only the faller's rope will automatically block, they other may continue to climb.


  • Extremely versatile in the vertical world
  • Great lightweight backup belay plate
  • Auto locking belay either one or two climbers
  • Great for your emergency rescue kit

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