Exped FlexMat M
Exped FlexMat M

Exped FlexMat M

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A rapidly deployable, lightweight, durable and versatile closed-cell foam mat, FlexMat can be considered the essential sleeping mat. It can be used as a minimalist mat for 3-seasons or in tandem with an air mat, adding ground-side durability and insulation. Because R-values are additive, FlexMat’s R-value of 1.5 can be added to any mat, which will boost warmth noticeably. The folding form is quick to open and has ample flex when the mat is packed back up to ensure a tidy load when attached to a backpack, bike or kayak 

  • Extremely light, durable and versatile 
  • Minimalist or price-sensitive sleeping mat 
  • Provides protection and added R-Value for inflatable mats 
  • High quality and eco-friendly IXPE foam





11.5 oz

72 x 20.5 in


Temperature: 42.8 °F  R-Value (ASTM)1.5
Thickness: 0.7 in


Top/bottom: Closed-cell IXPE foam, DWR free

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