Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis
Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis
Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis
Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis
Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis
Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis
Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis
Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis

Edelrid Pinch Anthracite-Oasis

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Well it's finally happened, a true rival to the GriGri and GriGri+ assisted braking belay devices. 

The Edelrid PINCH belay device adds even more safety and versatility to the world of assisted braking belay devices. It's developed for sport climbers, both in the climbing gym and outside at the crag, as well as multi pitch climbers in mind. For both categories it has multiple options in how you may choose to use it so you can get the most out of it. 

Direct to Harness Connection

The first thing you'll notice is that the Edelrid Pinch can be attached to the harness in the traditional method, with a carabiner, or with the new ingenious direct attachment method. Because attaching direct to the harness brings it closer to you it allows the belay to pay out 20-30cm more rope at a time. It also eliminates the possibility of cross loading a carabiner.

Direct to Multipitch Anchor Point Connection

In the same way the Ederlid Pinch can be directly attached to a "power point" in a multipitch anchor. Even better is that it's the only device that can be configured in 4 different rotation positions so you can always position it in the right direction for the climb. 

Optional Panic Function

Like some other belay devices, the Edelrid Pinch has a "panic" function when lowering the climber. This means that if you pull too hard on the handle it disengages and the cam re-locks. The cool things about the pinch however is that this panic function is optional via the removal of a small pin. So if you don't want it you can disable it. The other thing is that if the panic function is engaging too easily because of a lightweight climber or too much other friction in the system, you can override it directly by pulling past the panic function and re-engaging the handle again. 

Additional rope grooves and path at the front of the device

Like other assisted braking devices, you can run the tail of the rope over the side of the Panic. However for thin or soft ropes when you need more control lowering a climber or abseiling, you can run the rope though a groove on the front of the Pinch. This basically adds a grooved tubular belay device mechanism. 

Edelrid Pinch Belay Device Features

  • Assisted braking belay device for versatile use in sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing
  • Position close to the body due to direct harness connection increases brake rope control and improves usability
  • Direct harness connection eliminates the risk of cross-loading the belay carabiner
  • Anti-panic function can be deactivated for increased safety by automatically locking the device if the release lever is pulled too far backwards
  • Second braking tier if the anti-panic function is activated too frequently due to insufficient load and/or excessive rope friction
  • Frontal steel brake grooves allow the rope to run linearly and ensure less rope tangling, increased durability and prevent unsightly discoloration that occurs when the rope rubs against aluminium
  • Attachment to the stand in four different directions in 90° increments
  • Equal operation for right and left-handed users
  • Suitable for dynamic ropes from 8.5 to 10.5 mm diameter
Weight: 234 grams
Materials: aluminium, steel
Rope Diameter: 8.5mm - 10.5mm
Certifications: UIAA approved, EN 15151-1


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