WAKA WAKA Waterproof Pouch for Light/ Power+

WAKA WAKA Waterproof Pouch for Light/ Power+

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A 100% waterproof pouch designed to fit the WakaWaka Power+ and protect it from mud, water, snow, dirt, or grease. A thoughtful design allows your light to continue to charge in the sun and shine light. Comes in handy at the beach, pool, emergencies, hiking or when encountering tough weather conditions. However also great as a stand alone waterproof pouch for your keys, mobile phone or money.

- Attached lanyard

- Innovative lock design provides for easy opening or sealing.

- Ultra Clear-film material allows button control.

- Continue charging or shining light.

- Also holds: mobile phones, cameras, cash, wallets or keys.

- Quality tested: waterproof protection up to a depth of 10 meters.