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COOL, CLEAN AND VERY ADAPTABLE: the Durango VCR is a durable and solid all-rounder. It’s the perfect shoe for the all round climber. It lets you move through the grades indoors, outdoors or when bouldering. The Durango VCR is developed with hook&loop straps for adaptable control and easy handling, making it an excellent alternative to its lace up twin. Totally revamped it features wider, more supportive VCR straps that embrace the foot to allow the firm platform of the shoe to be exploited to the max over a wide variety of styles. Like the lace-up it has a broader toe and medium last accepting a wide range of feet yet still retains an edge for more delicate and precise action. Special characteristics: comfortable fit & best value.

– Double VCR straps for easy adaptable control

– Microfiber/synthetic material to ensure fit

– Easy all-round last shape

– Perfect starter shoe

– Red Chili 5mm RX1 rubber

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