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Designed with the basics in mind, the Rogue VCS is the ideal shoe for beginner climbers. The supportive midsole allows for increased feeling and sensitivity while the Stealth® C4™ outsole is great for smearing and climbing in the gym. A Velcro closure provides easier adjustability and a slightly higher-volume fit than the Rogue Lace. Its comfortable, partially-lined leather upper will stretch about a half-size to form to the personality of your foot.

Key Features:

Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole (4.2mm)

Partially-lined leather upper — ½ size stretch

Velcro closure for easy on/off

Stiffness: Medium

Weight: 199g each (Size 9US)


Good For: Long practice sessions in the gym, developing precise footwork and building foot strength.

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Tried and true Stealth C4 allows climbers to stick to barely-there edges, lock into smears on microscopic nubbins and cruise up technical terrain with unparalleled confidence in their footwork.

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